Put a Little Christmas on Your Layouts

Scrapbooking supplies are expensive, and if you are looking for a frugal alternative, I’ve got some ideas for you. Christmas decorations are pretty plentiful at this time of year. There are dozens of ways you can incorporate all types of materials into your scrapbooks, so why not look at the holidays for a little inspiration?

Wrapping Paper – We all wind up with a large amount of wrapping paper scraps. If you are truly frugal, you probably save them convinced that somewhere down the line you will find a gift for someone that is just that small. It could happen, but in the meantime, why don’t you use those scraps as mats for your Christmas photographs, or as a mat for a journaling block. You can even cut shapes out of them and use them to create tags or embellishments.

Bows and Ribbons – Flatten a gift bow, or tie a curling ribbon at the top of a tag. Thread it through your page, use it to frame a photo, or simply use a flattened gift bow as an embellishment, or an accent in the corner of a photograph.

Gift Bags – Gift bags can be cut to fit layouts, whether it be as a full background sheet of paper, or as a smaller accent. Embellish your pages with cut outs from gift bags, use the handles as ribbon, or just store supplies in the cute bags.

Greeting Cards – Greeting cards can be cut into tags and embellishments for your scrapbook layouts. You can also use the sentiments inside the card as quotes on your pages, etc. If someone wrote a personal message on your card, you might include their kind words on a page as well.

Postage Stamps – Using postage stamps from your holiday envelopes is a great way to create embellishments for your holiday pages. There are some special postage stamps that come out just for Christmas each year, and these would make unique additions on your pages. Never mind the cancellation mark, it gives it more character.