Putting Family First

In many ways our families are one of the most important things that we work on in our lives. It is so important to take the time to teach our children the gospel and to make sure they feel loved and appreciated. There are so many things that pull at and distract us from our important calling of being a parent. It is important to take the time recognize and address the things that may be distracting you from your family.

One of the biggest things could be your job. If you do not work, it could be your church calling or the volunteering that you do in the community. These are all important and necessary things. It is important to remember that family comes first. Opportunities and teaching moments will come and you need to be able to take advantage of these times with your children. You may need to cut back so that you will have more time to help your children.

Another aspect that may be detracting you from your family is your home. This could be because you are so busy keeping it clean that you do not take time to play with your children. Or it could be because it is so messy that it does not allow you to focus on the children and their needs. A house that is too messy can get in the way of daily living. You need to find a balance that works for your family.

Your hobbies or interests may be getting in the way as well. You may be having a difficult time listening to your children because you are constantly reading a book or working on a craft. You may be spending too much time away from your family golfing or running. It is necessary to find a balance here as well. Every parent needs ways to relax and to spend time without her children. It is healthy, but it should not distract from meeting the basic needs of your children.

Your health may be getting in the way of spending quality time as a family. If you are depressed you may have a difficult time interacting with your children. If you are not taking care of your body, so that you are constantly tired you will not have the energy you need to properly care for your children. If you are not in good physical condition, it can be difficult to run and play with your children as well.

It is important to remember that a balance needs to be found in each of these areas. You need to take care of yourself so that you can be the best parent that you can. However it is easy to lose that balance so that the other interests begin to come before your family. If this begins to happen you need to pray and reflect on areas that you could change or other compromises you can make.

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