Questions about Graduations

Near the end of the school year, many graduations are planned.
Students are graduating from preschool, kindergarten, eighth grade, high school, and college. Others are graduating from nursing school, master’s degrees, beauty colleges, and more.
In some previous articles, I have discussed the pros and cons of having so many graduations in a child’s academic career. Some people feel that the number of graduations that take place in the early years take away from the meaning that latter graduations serve.

Others feel that the early year graduations are cute, enjoyable, and should be continued.

Graduations of all types are carried out. Some ceremonies are more formal with caps and gowns. Others are more relaxed and informal.

The discussion of this article is not directed toward whether or not graduations in earlier grades should be carried out. The question is more directed toward what should happen with the children who are not graduating.

In older grades (college), it is obvious that the child realizes that he or she will not participate.

However, in younger grades this is not so simple.

There are typically pictures taken, parties and celebrations planned, and caps and gowns purchased. What happens to the students who do not receive these things? Do they sit and watch?

We had kindergarten graduation pictures made a month or so ago before we even knew for sure who would graduate (or pass) to first grade. Now some parents have purchased graduation pictures of their child and their child will not be graduating. In addition, graduation is held on a school day at 9:00. What happens when these students come to school on that day? Do they participate in the ceremony?

I actually had one preschool state that they did not let every student graduate. I am not sure if they base this on academic ability or the time that has been put into the preschool.

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