Quick and Easy Christmas Cake

Most of us are very busy these days either going to Christmas parties or getting ready for Christmas dinner. If you are looking for a quick and easy Christmas cake, I have just the answer – the Holiday Wreath Cake!

I saw this when I was watching Semi-HomeMade Cooking with Sandra Lee a couple of weeks ago. I recorded the episode, but it was so easy to make, I did not even have to review it before I made mine. Your grocery list will consist of one Angel Food cake, shredded coconut, white whipped frosting, food coloring, a small tube of green icing, and a small package of RedHots.

First, you will need to make the leaves with the green icing. Using a hard plastic surface, use the icing tube point to draw a leaf outline, and then fill in the leaf with the green icing. You will need six leaves in all for your cake. The leaves need to sit a while for the icing to harden.

Place your Angel Food cake on your cake platter. Empty your frosting in a bowl and add several drops of green food coloring. You do not want your frosting too light, but you do not want it too dark either, so do not overdo it. Stir the frosting until you have a nice, even medium green.

Now you are ready to frost your cake. Once you are finished, take a handful of your coconut and sprinkle it over the cake. It gives the cake a “fresh fallen snow” look. You may need to sprinkle several handfuls of coconut to cover the cake. Then, when your leaves have dried and hardened, place two facing away from each other with the ends touching. It should look like two leaves from the same branch. In the middle of the two leaves, place two or three RedHots. These serve as your “berries” for the cake. Add two more sets of leaves and RedHot berries in other sections of the cake. Clean off your extra coconut and you have a lovely, but easy holiday cake!

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