Quick and Pretty Photo Collage

Scrapbooking can be time consuming. That is not always a bad thing. I have always enjoyed spending hours on creative pursuits. However, there are times you need to get your pages completed and do not have an afternoon or two to spare. Yet, you do not want to sacrifice the quality and creativity of your page due to a lack of time. For me, I end up not scrapping at all which results in many unfinished projects. We do not want unfinished projects or the feeling of being behind. Scrapbooking is supposed to be a hobby that enriches your life, is entertaining, and an expression of your creativity. In many ways it is also an expression of love for those you scrapbook about. For me, unfinished projects detract from all the beauty of scrapbooking and I end up feeling as I failed or feel overwhelmed. Life is busy and we need some creative, clean, and beautiful ways to scrap in less time.

Here is an idea for quick scrapbook pages that do not sacrifice the quality, content, or creativity of your project:

Photo Collage:

Cutting out the cutting can save you quite a bit of time. Using photo software is a great way to design a page that is beautiful, special and quick. Digital scrapbooking is becoming very popular and there are many online resources to direct you to digital images to add to your page or for the background. Find the digital images that match your theme and download to your computer. Then upload the photos you want to use to an image hosting site like Flickr or to your photo software like Photoshop or Corel. Once you have all your images at your disposal the rest is up to your imagination. Print out your page and mount on cardstock. Now you can embellish it from here or leave it as if you are satisfied.

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