Quick Home Remedies Using Hair Spray

uses for hairsprayHairspray is a common styling product that is found in most households. But it has more uses than just helping your hair keep it’s shape and taming flyaway hair strands. It can be used all over the house in many different places!

Did you know that it’s a great stain remover? Use it to remove ink stains from clothes and carpet. Just saturate the stain, let it set for about a minute and then wash it away. Hairspray also helps remove marker and I’ve heard mixed emotions while regarding permanent ink.

Did you also know that you can catch bugs around your home and kill them faster using hairspray? Instead of chasing a fly around the house with a fly swatter, aim and fire with the hairspray. The hair spray seems to stiffen and freeze it’s wings rendering it unable to fly, and allowing you to catch or swat at it.

Did you know that hairspray will work in your crafts and scrapbooking too? You can use a little hairspray to keep your chalking from smearing all over the place. In addition you can spray a little on a newspaper article to slow down the yellowing process. It is recommended however, that you use it only on articles you don’t wish to preserve for long periods of time.

Did you also know that hairspray will preserve leaves and some flowers? Use it to prolong the life of baby’s breath, cattails and broom grass in addition to those beautiful fall leaves.

Did you know that you can use hairspray when you are sewing? When threading a needle, spray a little hairspray on the end of the thread to stiffen it. It makes it much easier to thread.

Did you know that hairspray is great on pantyhose runs? Just spritz a bit on the run, and it will help to prevent the pantyhose from continuing to run.

Any great tips to share using hairspray? Please leave them in the comment field and continue to check my blog for other great uses for common household items.