Quickie Layouts: Getting Your Scrapbook Pages Done Faster

Trying to get more done in the short spurts of time that we are allowed in our increasingly shorter days can be difficult. Making the time to scrapbook is important, but there are other methods to create more pages and get more accomplished when you are able to find the time.

Creating quickie pages makes scrapbooking go easier. There are several ways this can be accomplished:

My favorite way is through using sketches. There are loads of idea books, Internet sites and other locations to obtain sketches or as some refer to them, page maps. These are sketches that show placement on a scrapbook page. All you have to do is gather the supplies, trim the papers, place everything where they say to in the diagram and pop your photographs in place. Done. Very quick and easy.

Another great way to accomplish a quickie page is to create a variety of mats in colors, shapes and sizes. This makes placing your photographs on a page much quicker. You can cut mats in a variety of styles of paper and sizes to coordinate with your different pages. The best part is, you can watch TV, talk on the phone, or do lots of other items, while cutting up your mats. Store them together by color and the next time you want to create a layout, grab a few that match and go with it.

Creating a theme is another fabulous way to get more pages done. If you try to stick to a color combination for bunch of pages, it becomes easier and quicker to scrapbook because you are no longer hunting for different papers or embellishments. An entire album can be made to coordinate by using the same couple of papers for the whole album. Fast and easy.

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