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If you read my posts in PARENTING, then you know I love quoting my 7-year-old.

Me: “Just a second, honey. I have to finish this project.”

DD: “Your work is so annoying. Just tell them you’re dead.”

Out of the mouth of babes, right?

What’s even funnier (to me anyway) is that I could easily design an entire scrapbook layout around that single quote.

Kids are a fountain of inspiration when it comes to providing quotes that can add pizzazz to a page design. In some cases your child may say something unique or hilarious that will spice up a particular layout. In other cases you may want to preserve a month’s worth of cute sayings and feature them in a memory album that capitalizes on your children’s funniest phrases.

Kid generated quotes reveal your child’s unique personality. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to include them in layouts. One of the easiest ways to make a quote an intricate part of a scrapbook page design is to feature it as the title. If that doesn’t work, then consider mastering the art of calligraphy and penning the quote as a page border or around photos to take the place of a pre-fabricated frame.

If your child is just a baby, then gathering memorable quotes is not an option yet. In this case you could simply use popular children’s sayings to enhance your layout for example:

Family happiness is measured by children’s laughter.

When children learn to dance, they learn to fly.

To parents, every child’s birthday holds a special memory of the very first one.

We should all embrace Christmas and the coming New Year with a child’s joy and hope.

Another option is to recall anecdotes involving your little ones and feature them in a journaling block.

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