Rainbow Wall Art

I cannot take the credit for this idea, I’ve seen it all over the internet. I need a birthday present for a four year old and this looked quick and fun. It was fun but not really all that quick, it takes time to organize and melt all those crayons!

This is a perfect time to do this craft because school supplies are on sale.

Hot glue gun
Hair dryer

The canvas can be any size you like, from 8×10 to larger. If you go larger put the crayons on the long side so they have a shorter distance to run.

I used a regular hair dryer, I was afraid it wouldn’t work but it worked great. You don’t need a fancy one, the crayons melt really fast.

Decide how you want it to look. I bought four boxes of crayons so I could double up the colors, jumped them all our and organized by color. Once you have them all organized, line them up. I did the colors of the rainbow but you could do just a few colors depending on the room this will go in.

After the crayons are lined up put the canvas against the line so you can see if you need to add or subtract crayons.

Now the tedious part, hot glue all the crayons to the canvas in the order you decided. This takes several minutes and the hot glue seems to dry really quickly on the crayons.

Then comes the fun. I will share with you what I learned so you don’t make the same mistakes.

I used a piece of wax paper to catch the wax at the bottom of the canvas forgetting that I was blasting air at melted wax, it goes everywhere. Use lots of wax paper, a drop cloth or do this outside.

Also use high heat but a low air setting. The higher setting just blows wax everyway. Angle the canvas so the wax doesn’t run too fast.

Hold the hair dryer close and wait for the dripping to start. The crayons will get shiny and start to melt really fast, I was surprised at how quick it was.

As the wax is dripping use the hairdryer to guide it all the way to the bottom. The wax melts fast and dries quickly so using the hair dryer to guide it will keep the wax liquid longer.

When you are done if there are any places the wax is too thick just heat it up until it runs.

Now you have a cute wall hanging for a child’s room, or anywhere if you do it in more sophisticated colors.