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I finally got around to organizing my photo corner.

Believe me; it’s not as fancy as it may sound. My “photo corner” is basically a small square of space I carved out in the family room. It boasts a table, chair, computer and a few storage items that are used to organize images, and eventually place them in scrapbooks.

I haven’t touched the space since spring, except to pile more and more “stuff” on the sagging wooden table. The mess included notes about certain photos and tips I found online or in books. Some of them are quite old, like this one about ISO setting: The lower the light, the lower the ISO setting. The more light you have to shoot with, the higher the ISO setting. So, if you are shooting outside on a bright sunny day, then manually set your ISO to 100. Conversely, if you are trying to take pictures in a dark theater, then crank your ISO setting to 1600. I also scribbled down a reminder that high ISO settings often result in grainy shots, which is why it is important to preview your shots on your camera’s LCD before pressing the shutter button.

All my notes and other random musings related to photography have now been filed away. In addition, I updated my folder-a-month system, which has sat idle for the past five months. The object of the system is to create a folder for each month and place existing photos into the corresponding folder. However, since I scrapbook my photos, I prefer to organize images according to events, such as “vacations,” “family reunions,” and “seasonal memories” rather than exclusively sorting them chronologically. If you store all of your images on your computer you can modify this system by employing the “My Pictures” folder (for PC users) and iPhoto (for Mac users).

If you have an iPhone and use it as your primary camera, then I would suggest installing an app, which allows you to upload your iPhone photos to an existing online photo account. The same service is available for Facebook photos. By having your photos in one place, you can make full use of your organizing skills, and you’ll be able to locate a specific image without having to sift through thousands of photos in the process.

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