Reach Out to Help Others

Recently I had a conversation with one of my friends about the importance of giving back. It started as a discussion on the economy, and the dismal way it seemed to be going, and then it turned to the extravagant lifestyles that so many people seem to be embracing. We then talked about how we could help those around us.

She mentioned a project she had completed in another town where she cut hair for the poor children whose parents couldn’t afford to get them a new outfit and school supplies for school. This is a great way to reach out to the community and show service. My ward currently works with several groups on a regular basis finding ways to provide service. There are opportunities for people who have a difficult time getting out to help sew, or crochet for people in need.

Our stake, along with all of the stakes in the region, is going to participate in a Day of Service. This is a day where each ward, and stake has organized numerous service projects to participate in. The wonderful thing is that the projects are a great way to help out the community. Additionally it is a great time to invite friends to participate. A lot of time people want to help, but do not know how or where. They may be afraid of lengthy time commitments (which not everyone has). A day of service is a great way for many hands to work together across the community to help lift each other up.

Even if you don’t have a Day of Service in your area or in your church, you can still take the time to reach out and help someone in need. During these difficult economic times there is certainly more need. The opportunities are there, if you only look for them. Pray and you will be guided. The service may be small–a quick call to a shut in–or big—helping to pain the community center, but all of it will be appreciated.

When you are running short on resources, and cannot donate to your local charity, you can always find a little time to reach out and serve others. Take the time now to find a way to volunteer in your community or to help someone you see in need today. If each of us does just a little bit, it can make a big difference.

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