Realistic Splurges

I recently read an article about things that moms should splurge on. I eagerly read it, I’m always looking for ways to splurge without feeling guilty and breaking the bank. Unfortunately this list was for married moms or at least moms in a better financial position than most single moms.

It was great advice but really didn’t apply to me. One of the suggestions was a really nice, all purpose purse. Since Hailey started school my purse is more function than fashion, after all, kids backpacks aren’t cheap and have to be replaced fairly often so there goes the money for that splurge.

Same with good shoes and a babysitter for some me time. While those things are wonderful, they aren’t in the budget. This article did make me think about how I splurge on myself without feeling guilty.

Everyone has things they love and I believe we should all make time for them. For me, nothing is better than a good book so being able to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and a new book is wonderful. It feels really self indulgent, even if the book did come from the library instead of the bookstore.

I also like painting my toenails, it makes me feel girly and pampered. I don’t’ paint my fingernails because as the resident handy man in my home my fingernails take a beating and maintaining a manicure it too much work.

As a single mother it’s easy to forget that you have needs too. You spend so much time worrying about the kids that you forget to worry about yourself.

Make a list of a few little things that you can do for yourself that are free or very cheap. Then the next time you find yourself with a little time to kill, don’t start cleaning under the kids beds, they won’t notice anyway, do something for yourself instead.