Really Something – Shirley Jump

Normally, I’m not a big fan of romance. But I do like Shirley Jump’s books. They always have a touch of humor and the books are always about more than just a love story.

In Really Something, Allie returns to her small hometown in Indiana to scout it for her independent film company. The movie company specializes in horror films and is named Chicken Flicks. See what I mean about the humor?

In the years Allie Dean has been gone she’s lost 170 pounds. She’s anxious to prove herself to her boss, move on with her life after a divorce, and to have revenge on the people who made her life miserable when she was an obese teenager, named Allison Gray. Afraid that if the town knew who she was they wouldn’t give her any respect, she doesn’t tell anyone her real identity.

Allie asks her family not to tell the other people in the town either. They don’t understand, but comply with her wishes. The only way Allie’s mother knows to show love is through food, and she doesn’t understand why Allie hasn’t been home in years, and doesn’t want to eat a 2,000 calorie dinner with her family now.

Allie tries to set up things for revenge, but she really has too good of a heart for that. Instead, she finds herself falling again for the guy who stood her up at prom, and befriending his sister who was paralyzed in an accident. There’s a lot of humor as the Hollywood movie people invade this small town to make a vampire flick. Along the way, Allie makes peace with her family, and realizes that she always had more friends in this town than she realized. And, of course, she falls in love with a great guy who loved her all along.

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