Reasons I am Glad We Homeschool: Crowd Avoidance

Homeschooling gives me a very special benefit that I never even considered. I had been homeschooling for over a year before I even realized that I was getting away with proverbial murder. One day, however, I realized that because we can adjust our schedules to our own liking, we get to avoid crowds in numerous situations.

Because we homeschool, we march to a beat of a different drummer, and out schedules do not have to revolve around the public schools like everyone else. Here are some of the numerous ways we save our time and sanity by avoiding crowds:

  • We go on field trips after PM, knowing that most schools visit museums, and other educational venues in the morning.
  • We make time during the week in the early afternoon to buy groceries, before the after-work rush.
  • We never go out to lunch at lunchtime, or dinner at dinnertime. Instead, we go an hour earlier, or later.
  • This week, I had my kid’s hair done in record time, by taking them to the hairdresser during the week instead of on the weekend. We had no wait at all. This is rare for African American beauty shops.
  • We avoid notorious Atlanta traffic by never leaving the house before 10 am and returning home before three or in the late evening.
  • Therefore, as you can see, by homeschooling, we have the excellent side effect of arranging our lives to have no time wasted while waiting in lines.

I sure am glad we homeschool.

Here are some other reasons I am glad we homeschool:

Bad days

Zero tolerance

School evacuations

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