Reasons I am Glad we Homeschool: Too much too soon

When I read recent posts about young girls and bikini waxing by Michele Cheplic , I could not help but sigh a relief that we homeschool. You might think that the two things have nothing in common, but I beg to differ. You see, one thing I realized in the process of homeschooling my daughter is that it all but stops pre-mature maturation.

Long after seven and 8-year-old daughters began shunning their mothers, my 12 year old, still has a habit of sitting on my lap (regardless of how much it hurts). I was able to be the first person to talk to my daughter about personal issues, long before her “classmates” and teachers were able to educate her. Long after parents of other girls her age began to complain about tween attitudes, I am just beginning to see glimpses of it at almost 13 years of age.

This is not only the case with my child; I have witnessed the same two to three year stall in growing up among pre-teen girls. I am not saying homeschooled kids are perfect, but they get to mature at their own rate without an undue amount of peer pressure to grow up that she would experience had she 20 classroom girlfriends, versus our current situation of having about 8 homeschool girlfriends who are on the same timeline as herself.

I am so glad that we did not have to deal with too much too soon. While I would rather put off the inevitable forever, having a little extra time to wait until she mature enough to understand mature subjects makes me very happy that we chose to homeschool.

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