Recipe for Disaster

Wet paws and a tile floor created a recipe for disaster. I landed with a massive crash. My eye blurred. My head started to swim. I couldn’t make up my min if I was going to faint or be sick or both. In the end I did neither. Mick helped me up and into a chair.

From that point on he was wonderful as he got me dressed and to the hospital. All the time we were both praying it wasn’t going to be as bad as it looked. After all it’s only last year I broke my wrist on the same arm, my right arm of course. Yes, I am right handed. This happened not too long after I started with We certainly didn’t need a replay of events.

Fortunately we both thought to grab a book as we both knew from past experience we’d wait hours an hours for triage nurse, X rays, doctor etc , before it was established that, yes, I had a bad break that would need surgery to wire it all back together. Great! I joked that now I won’t ever be able to go through any checkout without setting off their alarms.

Once out of hospital and wired up, then came more weeks while in a cast. Since then my darling husband has been there to help me dress and undress, cut up my food, help me shower after wrapping my arm in plastic, wash my hair, dry my back. The list goes on and on to include, cooking, laundry and the household tasks I usually do as well as drive me to doctor appointments, etc. I can’t imagine what I’d have done without him.

Trying to type was out of the question. as I could only do it left handed, which put too much strain on my back and neck which was already groaning under the weight of the cast. This cast was massive and so thick. It weighed several kilos. That’s not an exaggeration. I weighed it. This put an enormous strain on a back and neck that already has disc problems which cannot be fixed.

Mick’s good humor pulled me through times when I’ve been so in pain that I was a puddle of misery. That’s what marriage is all about – being there for the other person in the hard times. It’s also about knowing when sympathy is needed , when a little wake up call or sharp words are needed, and when I needed simply to be left on my own for a bit to have a wallow in self pity. Because Mick knows me so well, he knew when each approach was needed. Most of all though it all he has let me know how much he loves me. And that included taking me to a movie I desperately wanted to see last night. But more about that another time.

For now, it’s good to be back though I’m going to miss Courtney. We often sparked off each other.

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