Record Your Halloween Memories

Halloween Layouts

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, I’ve been thinking about different things I would like to feature on my Halloween layouts. There are many different things you may want to include and with a little planning before the big day, you will be able to capture all of the memories that you want to remember.

Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about for preserving our Halloween memories.

Costumes layout. My kid’s costumes definitely need to be featured on a layout. In the past, I made a Halloween layout for each child for his or her album. But I’ve been simplifying things lately and I am just going to do one layout featuring the costumes for our family album. Here is a layout I just put together using last year’s Halloween pictures.

Make a Halloween album. I’ve also been thinking about making an 8 x 8 album with a 2-page spread featuring the highlights of the holiday. I found this ideas in Stacy Julian’s
Book, The Big Picture. Each year I can add to this album and display it during the month of October. I think that this would be something that we would all look forward to seeing every year.

Parties. We usually attend several parties on or around Halloween. There are school parties, church parties and neighborhood parties. Have your camera ready to capture these events. You could do a layout featuring all of the Halloween related activities or just select on favorite photo from each event and include it in the mini Halloween album.

Photograph the loot! Remember to take a picture of your child with all of the candy that was collected. You could do an entire layout featuring you child’s favorite and least favorite candies that they received.

Enjoy the holiday and remember to keep your camera ready to go!