Recording Birthday Memories

Birthdays are a popular celebration that we like to include in our scrapbooks. With the many activities that can be involved with a birthday, I thought I would share some ideas of things you won’t want to forget to include on your birthday layouts.

Here is a layout I have completed of my daughter’s birthday. I used the May kit to complete this layout. Notice how I included a photo of each party guest to create a boarder for the page.

Photo of the birthday person. For children, it is fun to take their picture with the same object (tree in the backyard or a stuffed animal) each year to document your child’s growth.

Save the wrapping paper. You could use a small swatch of each wrapping paper to create a fun boarder on your layout

Photos of party guests. It is fun to include snapshots of each of the party guests on your layout. You may even want to include a photo of the birthday boy or girl with each of the guests. You could have the birthday person stand with each guest and his or her gift either before or after the present has been opened. These are fun pictures to include in a thank you card too.

Save the cards. These are a fun way to document those who care about the birthday person. You could include the cards in a pocket on the layout or scan the pictures into your computer and then shrink them down to make a fin boarder or patterned paper.

Task a photo of the cake. Remember to take a picture of the cake before the party begins, with the candles glowing and try to catch one with the smoke still floating above the cake.

Save a party napkin. If you have a theme to the party with matching paper goods, it would be fun to include the napkin from the party into your layout.

Photograph the party details. Take pictures of the unopened presents, party favors, food and party game supplies. Using these photos on your layout will be a great way to record the details of the day.

Write down the details of the day. If you are like me, you won’t be able to scrapbook the party photos in the few days following the party, so you may forget some of the details. You should write down some notes of things that you want to remember so that the journaling will be easy when you do work on the layout.

If this is a party for your child, you may want to ask a friend to take these pictures so that you can focus on the party and worry about missing a photo because you were busy taking care of the party.

Remember to treat the cards and other memorabilia that you include on you layout with deacidifiying spray such as archival mist.