Recording Christmas Decoration Memories

Many of your Christmas Decorations tell a story. They have a history or a reason that you chose them, or were given them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pass these memories on to future generations so they understand why you decorate the way you do?

For Christmas, often we decorate the same way each year. A purchase might be made because there is the perfect spot waiting to hold it. Whether it is a bowl on the kitchen table filled with pine cones and berries or the Christmas garland you bought to go over the fireplace, they tell a story about your Christmas, your family and are a wonderful thing to remember.

There are many ways to remember these thoughts, but the best way to do it is to walk around the interior and the exterior of the house and snap photographs each year of the Christmas decorations that you put up. When it comes time to create the scrapbook page, record the year you bought the decoration if you can remember, why you chose it and where it usually goes. If you can remember where you got it, you might include that information too. I have an entire scrapbook layout in my album that is dedicated to the items I have purchased right after Christmas at 75% off.

If you just moved to a new house, apartment or are celebrating Christmas somewhere new, the challenge of finding somewhere for all your traditional decorations might be a challenge. Be sure and record your thoughts about that too. If you choose not to put something out one year, and there is a reason behind it, record your reason if you are comfortable.

Memories can be forgotten, and if the stories aren’t passed along to your children and then later your grandchildren, eventually they will be forgotten and nobody will know what reason you have the things you have.

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