Recycling: More Useful Yard and Garden Items

Here are a few more ideas for handy items that you can make from things found in the recycling bin.


Do you need to soak tools or paintbrushes? Cut the tops off plastic milk jugs (about half way down). Fill with degreaser or detergent and pop in tools to soak. These also work great as soap pails when giving the car or your patio furniture a good washing. Milk jug buckets also make good storage containers. Store rolls of weed-eating twine inside to keep them from unraveling, or place your garden trowel, gardening gloves, and other tools inside to keep them handy. Another good idea is storing a bottle of oil, a rag, and a funnel inside one of these handy buckets to keep these items together and to avoid drips in the trunk of your car. Another good option is keeping small pool toys together when not in use. Simply poke small holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.


Plant Protectors

Much like the buckets above, you can use plastic milk jugs to make plant protectors. Cut as directed above and simply turn them upside down over delicate plants on chilly evenings or if hail is forecast.

Disposable Pet Waste Scoop

A poop scoop should definitely be a disposable item, but who wants to continue spending money to purchase such a thing? Spending the money is better than having to clean the darn thing, but this idea is even better yet. Cut the top off a plastic milk carton to form the shape of a scoop (shown). Throw it away when finished cleaning up after pets!

Poop Scoop

Bird Feeders

Check out my article over at Kids’ Crafts for instructions on how to make a simple bird feeder from a plastic milk jug. It’s super easy to make and the birds will love it.