Redesigning Cheaper than a TV Pro: Tip #2

Here’s the second tip in making over a room on a super-strict budget….

Tip #2: Use cheap wall hangings. There are a number of ways that you can decorate your walls without spending very much at all. Everyone’s tastes are different. These are for you to come up with project ideas on your own that are more catered to what you are looking for in your room.

1. Know what you want. One way to start is by finding pictures in magazines or on the Internet of things that you like. Let the pictures inspire you to create something similar for your own room. Always think of ways that you can make the item for less. Can you buy anything for it secondhand? Can you simplify the design? Can you use something you already own to enhance it?

2. On walls, think big. Try to use fewer pieces that are larger, rather than a lot of smaller pieces. This accomplishes two things. First, it keeps your walls from looking cluttered. Second, it draws more attention to the few things that are on the walls. If you spend time decorating your walls, you want people to notice each piece, right? What?s the point of a beautiful wall hanging if it can only be seen from two feet away? Keeping your walls simple will make them look classy, and you will save a lot of money.

3. Do it yourself. Take a trip to a home decorating store and look through their wall decorations. Use these items as inspiration to make something yourself. Again, think of the least expensive way you can make the same statement.

4. Shop Used. Try swap meets, rummage sales, consignment shops, or anywhere else you can think of. Look for pieces that really speak to you, and that you can repaint or dress up inexpensively.