Redoing Old Scrapbooks

I’m on a new mission…to redo some old scrapbooks. Recently we moved some different pieces of furniture around and I ran across the first scrapbooks I ever did for each of my children. Honestly, they were laughable. No real creativity, just very blah.

These are precious pictures, some of the very first ones we took of our children yet they are housed inside this pathetic album. While I would like to just toss them back into a pile, I think I am going to undertake the probably tedious task of redoing them.

It feels like an overwhelming project. LOTS of pictures are contained within these scrapbooks. So I will take each album apart slowly. With spare time in the evening, maybe sitting in front of the television I will work on this.

My plan is to first remove all of the pictures. Hopefully I can carefully tear the picture off the page. If not, I will carefully cut around the picture. The only other important items in these scrapbooks are things I have written…important dates and thoughts I journaled.

Those will be especially important as it is impossible to go back 16, 13 and 11 years ago to recapture what I thought, how I felt. Those are precious memories that will be included in my new and improved journal.

Before I even tackle the new albums, however, I am going to scan those pictures and make duplicates. This way I can create a digital album and a regular scrapbook. The digital album will go onto a DVD, two great ways to share precious memories.

As I think about this, my mind is wandering to those old albums of my childhood…some of the pictures are yellowed. I wonder if those could be redone. I will have to do some research online and see if anyone has tackled a project like that.

How about you? Have you redone any old scrapbooks? How did you go about it?

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