Rejuvenate floor restoring products promise to eliminate dull spots, seal and protect floors, and fill scratches. It says you can even use it on tile floors to seal grout. It will rejuvenate the finish of old floors and keep new floors looking new.

The stain remover promises to safely clean all floors and keep your floor shiny when used regularly, and the Cabinet and Furniture formula is the product that really grabbed my interest. It says it fills scratches and seals the finish. It protects the finish, so there is less maintenance. What intrigued me was its ability to restore old furniture to beautiful condition. What a great way to breathe life back into an older piece or to freshen up unique thrift store and yard sale finds without the time, effort, and mess of stripping and refinishing.

It’s not just for wood either. This product is supposed be work great on countertops, laminates, and paneling too. Using it just once is supposed to protect your furniture or other surfaces for months, and protect the finish from staining and spills.

It does say that you should allow the product to dry for at least twenty minutes after applying, but it sounds like it would be well worth it.

I haven’t tried this product -yet- but I wanted to tell you about it, because it sounds great. If any of you have already tried it, we’d love to hear about your experience. I can’t wait to get some and test it out. I have had my eye on a couple of pieces at an antique shop, and if this stuff lives up to its promises, they will soon be mine.

If you aren’t ready to spend the money to test out this or similar products, try Murphy’s Oil Soap for cleaning wood furniture, or mix up a batch of your own wood treatment using the natural furniture polish recipe in the article, Cleaning Tips.