Relationship Ups and Downs

Any type of relationship between two people can experience some hurt and hardships. People are human. They are sure to say things or do things that upset or annoy one another.

There are many ups and downs upon the road of a relationship. Most couples go through periods of closeness and periods of distance. Some relationships are for the most part smooth and happy. Some relationships however, are bumpier than others.

The good times of closeness are easy to endure. The happiness overwhelms you and you have very little cares in the world. You are lost in love and all is wonderful. These are the happy times.

But how do you handle the moments of distance? I think at some point in time in all relationships there is a time when the couple is just not as physically, mentally, and emotionally connected as they would like to be.

There may be many causes for this distant feeling. Stress, work, busy schedules, resentment of one another and other life influences can contribute much in pulling couples apart. These times can be trying and upsetting for both partners.

However, these times in moderation are normal and can be easily worked through. In many cases it only takes a gentle touch, loving words, and some time spent with one another to get things back on track.

Sometimes it only takes placing things back into perspective to realize how important it is that you appreciate and show one another love.

These down moments in your relationship can be fewer and further between if you take the time to let your spouse know how much he or she is loved and cared for on a daily basis.

Keeping your priorities in the right place can be difficult at times but can create a much happier and healthier family.

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