Relief Society: First Sunday Lessons

I love the lessons that the members of the Relief Society presidency teach each month. I feel that they are planned specifically to help meet the needs of the sisters in my ward. I love fifth Sundays for the same reason. Of course I have noticed a trend with fifth Sundays and some aspect of preparedness lately.

One of my favorite lessons taught by a member of the Relief Society presidency was simply on the life of Christ. She used slides of artwork that showed Christ’s life. As she did this she bore testimony of His love for each of us. It was a very powerful lesson. The scriptures seemed to come to life and the spirit was very strong as she bore her testimony of Christ’s divinity.

Another lesson that I recently enjoyed was on the importance of having a home where you could feel the spirit. A convert taught this lesson and she spoke about how people who have been members all of their lives take having the spirit with them for granted. She spoke of the peace she felt when she went into members’ homes before she was investigating the church. She realized she was missing something, but it took her awhile to realize what that was. This reminded me of the importance of having a home where the spirit is always welcome, as well as inviting friends into our homes.

A third lesson that stands out was about the importance of nourishing yourself spiritually. This is such an important thing to do. The lesson focused on making sure you were praying and reading the scriptures regularly, because things just seem to fall into place if you are. This lesson has stuck with me throughout the year as I have struggled (for the first time in a long, long time) to make the time to study the scriptures on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the lessons that stand out to me. Do you have any that you have made a difference in your life?

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