Relief Society: Five Ideas for Enrichment Activities

Kids EnrichmentOne of the great blessings of being a member of Relief Society is the chance to attend Home, Family and Personal Enrichment meetings. The program recently changed which allows more freedom for the Relief Society presidency to meet the needs of the sisters in their ward. It is important to remember the Enrichment meetings should not be looked on as an added stress. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Enrichment meetings, which take place only four times a year. Enrichment activities are optional, and you can choose to attend according to your personal needs. Enrichment activities are designed to meet specific needs of different sisters in the ward. Here are five ideas for Enrichment activities.

1) One is a playgroup for the stay-at-home moms. This can be held once a week or once a month. It can be held at a park, at the church or rotate between homes. This can be as formal or an informal as you would like. Some groups offer a craft for the children to complete. Others simply allow the kids to come together to play, and this allows the mom a chance to talk.

2) Another activity is a book club. This gives the sisters the chance together once every month or every other month to discuss a book that the group has read together. It also provides a chance for socialization, and intellectual conversation (which can be difficult for mothers of small children to have). Generally book clubs meet in a home, but they can also meet at the church.

3) A service group is another idea for an Enrichment activity. You can have a big service night or you can set up a group that gets together once a month to tie quilts or make pillows, or assemble personal care kits. It is good if you can find service opportunities that will benefit the community.

4) You can also set up Enrichment activities that teach basic skills, such as budgeting, cooking, sewing, home decorating, and car maintenance. A survey of the sisters’ needs and interests can help to determine the subject of the classes.

5) Another idea is to set up a craft or special interest group. You can offer various crafts for the sisters to learn. You can also set up a special interest group such as scrapbooking or toll painting. This will allow the sisters to socialize, while working on something that they enjoy.

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