Relief Society: Five Ideas for Preparedness Enrichment Activities

Several meetings in my stake and ward have centered on preparing yourself and your family for emergencies. Some people may not know how to prepare or have the time to do everything themselves. You can form a preparedness group or just offer classes on the topic. Here are five ideas for preparedness enrichment activities.

1) You can have an activity that focuses on preparing emergency kits for your ward members. You can either provide a list or actually provide the items for the people to come and assemble the kit. You may be able to get discounts on food this way. Usually people will need to reimburse for something like this.

2) You can have an activity that teaches how to use the dry pack canner. In addition to this you can have a ward sign up list to order supplies from the church cannery. After you distribute the supplies, make the canner available to the individual ward members.

3) You may want to teach a class about how to cook without power. You can provide a list of recipes and supplies that will make this a lot easier. You may want to stress that the power can take several weeks to be restored, depending on how big the disaster is.

4) You can teach a class on the different ways to cook wheat. If you are storing primarily wheat it is important to learn how to use it effectively. You can also briefly cover the other basics of food storage.

5) You may want to have a class on storing and rotating a year’s supply of food. The pantry principle is a wonderful way to store food. It allows you to save money, and really utilize the food that you are buying. You may form a group that helps to look for deals for the ward members.

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