Relief Society: Five Tips on Taking Meals to Families

Once you are in the Relief Society it seems that one service that is regularly needed is to take meals into someone’s home. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are happy ones, like the birth of the baby, or the reasons may be sad, such as illness or death in the family. Here are five tips for taking meals into someone.

1) It is nice to call and check with the family to see if there are any food allergies or foods to avoid. If there are specific allergies the family might have suggestions that are easy to prepare, but can still feed the whole family.

2) Often people will bring in spaghetti or lasagna. If the family is having several meals brought in, it would be nice to coordinate what is being brought in. It can be as simple as assigning a theme to each night, or asking the others what they are taking. It is difficult to eat the same thing night after night.

3) If you can you may want to make enough that the family can have leftovers for the next night. Casseroles and soups are great meals that are easy to make in large portions fairly inexpensively.

4) It may be difficult for one sister to provide an entire meal for a family. This is especially true if the family is a larger one. You may want to divide the meal between two or more sisters, assigning the main dish, sides and dessert.

5) Finally it is important to be on time when you bring the meals. It can difficult for young children to wait to eat. If there is an illness or death in the family, the family may be operating on a tight schedule so that everything can be accomplished.

The service that you provide when you take a meal into someone is invaluable. It may be that you will never realize the difference it made to someone. It is always appreciated. It is also important to realize that it shouldn’t be a financial strain for you. It is okay to take in simple meals, not everything needs to be elaborate.

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