Relieving Stress – Part 3

This is the last of my articles about relieving stress. Some of these ideas really go together.

The first is volunteering. Volunteer to help someone else, someone less fortunate. The community is always looking for people to visit nursing homes and people who have no regular visits from family, drive them to shopping and doctors and other chores, provide meals for those unable to do it themselves, read to the elderly or blind, baby sit or care for children of busy moms so they can have a break, help those with caring for the sick or disabled, help with reading programs at schools. There is no shortage of jobs you can volunteer for.

One of the things is when we are helping someone else it takes our minds off our own problems and often brings unexpected pleasure and blessings. The second factor is that sometimes we never realize how much we have to be grateful for, until we see others who are battling huge disabilities and problems, health issues, financial, marriage problems and family issues etc. Then it puts everything into respective.

The best way of ensuring we are grateful is listing those things we can be grateful for. Remember the song My Favorite Things? That’s really a list of things she enjoys and is grateful for. Why not make your own, starting with your marriage? What about your spouse what are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for the things Mick does normally when he’s well that I don’t have to do. Things like mowing the lawns and looking after the garden. Yesterday I noticed a plant in one of our pots was dead, mainly because I didn’t even notice it needed water. Mick usually cares for the garden and since he’s been sick, it’s got neglected.

Singing is a great way to relieve stress. It’s one I like to use. Even though I didn’t like going to church without Mick these last weeks, it was good to sing praise to God. But that’s not the only time I sing. I sing in the car or wherever I am. Why not try it? It helps relieve stress.

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