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Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Change

Have you ever been working on a layout and just started feeling like it was going in the wrong direction? You know that you just are not feeling good vibes?

Generally when I scrapbook I place things where they just feel right. These things are usually based on basic design principles such as balance, unity and contrast. Over time, we may not even think about these things as we place items on the page.

Earlier today I was working on a layout and it just wasn’t feeling “right.” I normally try to just make it work by sticking the pictures down and then placing embellishments and journaling on the page in places that seem to balance out the page. But today, it just wasn’t working for me.

Here is the original layout that I was working on.

I think that my first problem was that I did not want to change the basic design of the layout, which was that I wanted to place my pictures and Valentine’s in the diagonally cut pockets. This was the idea that I had come up with for the page and for some reason, I felt determined to stick with it.

After looking at it for a while and trying out some things with some chipboard accents and journaling, I decided that it just was not going to work for me.

That was okay.

It’s important for us to remember that we are not committed to anything on our layouts. It is just pictures (as long as it is not the only copy) and paper (which can be easily replaces.) So I pulled all of the pictures and Valentines off of my page (with I had already attached with adhesive) and started over with the placement of my items.

Here is the final layout.

I decided to keep the background since I really did like that part.

Then I thought up the idea of using the Valentines as a border. I think this worked well because it covered up more of the patterned paper that was distracting me from what was most important: the pictures and the Valentines.

Some of the paper torn when I removed a picture, so I just covered it up with a couple of chipboard hearts. Sometimes our mistakes can help us come up with some fun ideas that we would have thought up otherwise.

Now that it is finished, I am happy with the results. It now feels “right” to me.

Just remember that if a layout isn’t working foryou, do be afraid to try something different. Remember that this is fun. It’s about taking time out of our busy lives for a little playtime. Have fun!

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