Remembering Forever

When was the last time you looked at your wedding album?

Most couples don’t make a habit of pulling out their marriage memory books unless there’s a good reason to do, such as looking to see something specific in a photo or remembering what a guest or member of the wedding party wrote in a speech or toast.

Other couples make it a traditional to page through their wedding scrapbook on their anniversary. This is especially true of newly hitched brides and grooms who enjoy taking a trip down memory lane. As couples age, the motivation to thumb through albums that remember the promise you made to stay together forever, seems to get lost in the chaos of everyday life.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

While a picture may speak a thousand words, journal entries often touch the heart even more. Whenever I page through my wedding scrapbook I am instantly transported back to the moment of my vow exchange thanks in large part to the memories I preserved in the album’s journaling blocks. Even if you are not inclined to jot down your innermost thoughts, there’s always room for other heartfelt words. For example, instead of writing down your memories of the day, you could add lyrics from your favorite love song or stanzas from a love-themed poem.

The following are words to a song I added to one of my layouts:

Forever Love

On this special day, in a blissful moment
We finally unite as husband and wife
What a blessing we have been given
Our dream is brought to life

I pledged my heart to you
It will forever be yours
My love is pure and true
Without you I would be lost

I am not asking for the moon and the stars
Diamonds and pearls, or fancy cars
Your love to me is the real treasure
I cherish every moment when we’re together

But this small request I truly wish honey
I hope it is not too much to ask
To hold my hand through the whole journey
As long as you need me in your path

As years pass by, when we are old and gray
You beside me is my only prayer
Our love grows stronger, it will never fade away
For eternity, forever and always?

When you get into a fight with your spouse, it often pays to look back at the day you pledged to remain together forever, and a wedding scrapbook is the perfect place to start.

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