Remembering The Memories

When I am teaching journaling classes, I am often asked, how I go about remembering the memories I’ve created. It really is not difficult. With any amount of time that goes by, you are sure to forget details and not remember something you might wish you had. There are a few things to help you along.

First, if you hear something funny or that you wish to remember, write it down. On a napkin, or a piece of paper, or whatever you happen to have around. The actual act of writing it down, can sometimes etch it into your brain and its a visual reminder. Not to mention, you won’t forget any part of it.

A few other ideas:

Pocket Calendar

I have a calendar I keep in my purse, so that I can write down appointments, events and holidays, and not forget. If my children say or do something funny, or an important thing occurs on any given day, I write it on the calendar. When I sit down to scrapbook, often I will glance through the calendar to obtain ideas. This can work with any type of calendar provided you remember to write it down.


If you keep a journal or diary, be sure and keep it handy while you are scrapbooking. If you write down the things you want to remember, it makes it easier to transcribe them onto your layouts.

Pocket Notebook

As a writer, I always have a pocket notebook in my purse or tote bag, wherever I go. I use it to write down inspiration, funny moments and of course, ideas for articles and my books. If you have a small pocket notebook, keep it handy when you are out and write down information as it occurs.

No matter how you choose to remember the event, remember to include things like what you saw, what you smelled and what you heard. These are important aspects to descriptive writing, and can help others who are looking at your layouts and reading your journaling, to remember the same things you did.

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