Removing Photos From Your Albums

Removing photos from any type of album is a delicate, and dangerous procedure. You can run the risk of ruining the photograph or tearing it all together.

When attempting to remove a photograph that is glued in place, or stuck inside an old magnetic album, use extreme caution. Always make a color copy of the photo, so that if it would happen to get damaged, at least you have a copy. If you happen to have the negative, you win all the way around, because if you ruin the photograph you can just print a new one.

The following are a few ways to get photos that are stuck, removed.

Use Un-Do with dental floss. Tilt the Un-Do bottle and let some flow underneath the photo. Let it sit for a few seconds. Pull the dental floss under the
photo, like a knife, wiggling it back and forth to help lift the picture from the page. The Un-Do is made to help release the glue. Un-Do is also good when there is sticker or glue residue or a sticker stuck to a photo.

Using a hair dryer, gently and rapidly blow the hot air over the photo on a low setting. Never leave the dryer over the photo for more than a second or so at a time, or it can warp the photo. Often this heats the glue enough to release the picture. I’ve also heard someone use an oven to do this, but I am not recommending cooking your page. I am seeing a fire and a lot of damage done to a photo using that method.

Another technique that I am not as comfortable with, but I know works, is to place your page in the freezer. Often when the glue freezes, it gets brittle and cracks, letting go of the photo. Again, I am not recommending this and if you try it, use extreme caution because the moisture can do damage to your photos as well.

If you have found any other methods that have worked, let me know by leaving a comment. Good luck!