Renewing Your Wedding Vows

People celebrate their love and relationship in many ways. Wedding anniversaries are the most common times of the year for a couple to celebrate their life together.

Some couples choose to take a special trip together on or near this day. Other couples celebrate with special gifts such as jewelry. Some anniversaries are considered to be even more special than others. These are the years of 25 and 50. Many couples have anniversary parties to celebrate these events.

Another way that some couples choose to honor their relationship is by renewing their wedding vows. When a couple renews their wedding vows, they are reenacting their wedding. They carry out a wedding ceremony and once again vow their love and devotion to each other. This wedding ceremony is usually not near as elaborate as the first time that the couple got married.

In a renewing of the vows ceremony the bride typically does not wear a bridal wedding gown. She chooses a nice new dress instead. The couple invites their closest friends and family and celebrates in a type of a wedding party atmosphere.

A couple may choose to renew their wedding vows for many reasons. One very important reason for renewing your vows is to show that after several years of marriage you still are committed to the vows that you took at the beginning of your life together. Some couples may choose to restate the same vows as at their wedding. However, others may decide to write their own vows and changing the wording to more appropriately fit the life that they presently have together.

Some couples may decide to renew their wedding vows because they were not satisfied with their first wedding. Perhaps the couple did not have money to carry out the wedding that they had wished for or other circumstances kept them from the wedding that they had hoped to have. Wither way they want a “redo” of the wedding.

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