Renovating and Your Marriage

Could renovating be detrimental to your marriage? It’s something I’ve been thinking about after hearing a couple of stories recently from couples who have gone down this route. Let me say at the outset that Mick and I have never had any major renovations done. The most we have ever done is knock out a wall or minor cosmetic renovations like tiling, wallpapering and painting and we’ve done it ourselves.

When I’ve listened to other people’s tales of renovations it sounds more hassle than it is worth. It seems to have the knack of turning people into something they really don’t want to be or as someone recently described it turning them into a Renozilla. A Renozilla is someone who insists on every detail being exactly right down to the last brick or light globe and who gets into a tizz if it doesn’t all work out the way it did in her mind. I said her, rather than his or her, because more often than not it is the women who seem to overreact. We struggle to cope with living in chaos and with mess.

One of the reasons we have never done major renovations is I don’t think either of us could stand to live with the mess and upheaval of workmen invading our home for any length of time. I like peace and quiet to work in. Fortunately, so does Mick. Another reason is we’ve always bought houses that were pretty well what we wanted. Of course our expectations have been fairly modest. Neither of us wants to live in a two storey mansion with lots of rooms.

So if you’re not prepared to forgo renovations all together how can you minimize the effect and prevent renovations being detrimental to your marriage? Join me next time for some helpful tips, from one who hasn’t been there but has seen enough when others have to have picked up some clues along the way.

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