Renting Movies

Renting movies can be a very inexpensive way to entertain your family. It works great at my house, since we haven’t already seen everything to hit the screen, and we always seem to find selections that we don’t mind seeing again.

A local grocery store has a video section that offers deals like “rent two, get one free” for VHS. At 50 cents per movie, they end up being three for a dollar. The best part is that you get to keep them for two days. I recently rented 6 movies for 2 days and it only cost me $2.20 including tax. You can’t beat that.

With six of us it works out great, because we each get to choose a movie we’d like to see and with the extra day, everyone has time to watch theirs. I usually try to choose something that I know my husband will like, or a family movie that everyone can watch, but sometimes I find the perfect thing just for me and watch for an hour and half all by myself.

This week I rented more movies. They only had Bambi II on DVD, so that one was $1.50 for two days, but we also grabbed three more on VHS. Four movies for $2.75? I certainly can’t complain about that. My ten year old is watching Madagascar as I write.

Sometimes we like to do movie marathons too. Over the winter, my husband and I watched the later Star Wars movies one weekend. Our younger girls did a collection of Land before Time movies one time, while our teens usually just like to find a bunch of movies that star the “hot guy” of the week.

This is a really affordable way to enjoy some entertainment occasionally, and it’s also a great way for families that don’t indulge in going to the movie theater to get caught up on movies.