Repairing an Apathetic Marriage

For many, they live each day in an apathetic marriage. It is a marriage that lacks a spirit. It is a marriage that lacks romance. It is a marriage that is just, well, there. If this is your marriage, you may have written off all hopes that it can be anything more than just this. Yet, it can be and it should be. If you find that your spouse is apathetic, take a look at what you provide to them. Is it more than they provide for you? If not, then you should stop blaming the other guy and focus on how you both can fix this.

Step One: Talk about it. The guys are running for cover, yet the women know that this is a step that has to happen. The fact is, you need to know what the other person is feeling if things are going to improve. You can easily make it work if you are both on the same page. If she wants something, she needs to tell you what she wants. If he needs something, he needs to convey that as well otherwise you just will never know. That’s a problem then. Talk about what it is that the other would like to see happen, what they think is happening and what possible solutions to the problem can be.

Step Two: Work on it. Do not expect romance to happen everyday all day long. You both should first start by providing each other with their needs. If she needs more affection, try to do this for her. If he is looking for a way to relax, see if you can give that to him. Small steps that happen every now and then are all it takes.

Step Three: Come together to talk about things again. What is working and what isn’t? Can you find things to do together that may work well for you to build your team spirit? Is there some way that you can add a little spark to your relationship? Find out how.

Step Four: Seek out help. There is no shame in asking for some help in working through problems. For many couples, there are hidden feelings and emotions that are causing the apathetic feelings. If you are to get over this and work on building a stronger relationship, these feelings will need to be addressed. Unfortunately, you may not even realize that they are there and buried under so much other stuff. It is wise to seek counseling from a professional such as a pastor or another professional.

Step Five: Work on it day and day again. An apathetic marriage is one that lacks motivation and lacks emotion. To get this back, you will need to work on it and work on it day in and day out. It is not a simple process and it is one that will cause a bonding between the two of you. Find ways to spend time together and work on dealing with those emotions. A key thing to remember is to think of their feelings before you think of your own. This will make a large difference in your life totally.