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food Since eating at home is less expensive than is eating out at a restaurant, it is amazing to me how all of we frugal people eat out and how frequently we do it. My family is no exception to this. In fact, I cringe every time we go to our favorite family restaurant. My kids usually offer a kids meal of Macaroni and cheese. It comes with a few slices of apple (about half of a small one), and there is no drink included, although it does include a small soft serve cone. These meals cost $4.99 each and contain about a third of a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The drinks are another $1.29 each. Let’s times this by three for a total cost of $15.94, not including tax, tip and transportation to get there.

At home, this same meal might cost me the following: $.25 for the box of mac and cheese, $.25 for the added butter, about $.16 for the milk, about $1.62 for three large glasses of chocolate milk, and approximately $.38 for three store brand ice cream sandwiches. My total for this meal at home is approximately $2.66, not including the electricity used for the stove. $15.94-$2.66= $13.28 profit.

Here is another easy breakfast that is often bought in a restaurant but can be easily fixed at home to save you quite a bit. Check out the Food Blog for more ideas.

Egg McMuffins: Toast an english muffin and then heat up a nonstick pan. Crack an egg in the pan, allow it to cook sunny side up and then flip it over. Add, salt, pepper and cheese. Cook until done. Meanwhile, butter the toasted muffin, add the egg/cheese and wrap it all up in aluminum foil. It will stay hot once wrapped and is ideal for grabbing breakfast on the go. Add grilled ham (heated in the same pan with a little butter) or sausage, if you like.

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