Retailers Hope You Have Frugal Fatigue This Holiday

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that retailers are really hoping that you, the consumer, will be suffering from frugal fatigue this holiday season, and they will be doing everything they can in order to encourage you to let go of frugal habits and spend this season.

The holidays are usually a time to spend and indulge, so it really a danger zone when it comes to falling off of the frugal wagon. If you aren’t careful, you may wind up spending more than you planned.

If you have solid financial goals, such as to pay down debt, to save up for a special vacation, or simply to get by on a reduced income, you are already one step ahead of the retail stores. Post your goals someplace in your house, where you can see them several times a day. This will help you to see the big picture and avoid overspending.

Reduce the number of times that you shop. The more often you go into a store, whether it is a retail store, a grocery store or an online store, the more likely you are to buy things that weren’t originally on your list.

Set some splurge money aside. By restructuring your budget for the month of December, you can feel free to splurge a little bit. By taking the money away from one category, let us say eating out, you can add it to another, let’s say for a new holiday outfit. Saving money this month, in November, can also give you a little more money in your budget to use for December.

Be aware of the ads and their influence on you. Since retailers will be pulling out all of the stops, from layaway on items you might not be able to afford, to parental guilt for not getting your kids the latest toys and games, try to look at these messages objectively.

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