Returning to College- Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

In previous articles, I have discussed tips and concerns for adults returning to college or entering college for the first time. Before enrolling in a college, make sure that the selected program is right for you. There are several questions that need to be addressed before a final decision is made. Choose two or three possible education choices and compare the answers to each of the following questions.

· What programs does the institution offer? Some schools specialize in various careers. Check and see if the college offers the full program for your major choice or if you will need to transfer at a later date.

· When are courses available? Some courses are only offered during certain semesters. Some schools offer weekend and evening courses. Does this university offer courses at a time that will work for you?

· Are there special programs for returning adults? Many universities have a counselor and other provisions to help returning adults.

· Are online or independent study courses offered?

· Does the university offer any type of careers assistance or leads after you graduate?

· What type of course load will you need to take in order to graduate according to your goal?

· How much studying time does the average course in your major require?

· What are the requirements for your major and will any of your previous courses, if any, transfer?

· What documents are needed to apply?

· Will you need references?

· When are the deadlines?

· What fees will be charged for admission?

· When will you be notified if you are admitted?

· Are you eligible for financial aide?

Remember, there are many choices and opportunities out there. Check into them all. Be certain to thoroughly do background checks on any Internet universities before you send money to apply.

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