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There’s more than one way to spice up family or class reunion scrapbook layouts. Rather than stick with traditional page designs which embrace standard techniques, consider branching out with whimsical approaches. For example, a fun way to document family history is to do so by displaying photos from different decades. Collect pictures of your family members from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s to create a comical timeline that captures how they looked and acted through the years. While a picture may speak a thousand words, it may be even funnier to add personal anecdotes from loved ones featured in the photos in journaling blocks. After all, reading about Aunt Edna’s beehive hairdo may elicit even more laughs than merely gazing at her photo.

Another non-traditional page design for a family reunion is the recipe layout. Since most family reunions feature potlucks, it makes sense to ask each member of your clan to share a favorite recipe on an index card. Have your loved ones deposit the recipes in a designated box at the reunion, and then you can piece together a section in your scrapbook which displays all of the mouthwatering creations in an appetizing fashion. If it is possible, try to snap a photo of the finished dish and the person who made it while you are gathered at the reunion. By doing so, it will be a cinch to display the picture and the recipe together on the layout.

If you are crafting a class reunion instead of a family version, thinking outside of the box will yield eye-popping layouts as well. For instance, while most class reunion scrapbooks feature a “Then and Now” gallery of photos to bring everyone up-to-date on how former classmates changed over time, it’s often more fun to include a “Hall of Fame” section. This page design technique updates the original titles scored by classmates in high school from “Most Likely to Succeed” to “Most Likely to End Up on TV.”

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