Reusable Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

This week, I have been busy providing you, with some answers to storage needs, for all those scrapbooking supplies, you are having a difficult time managing. It seems, the more that scrapbooking catches on, and the more that scrapbookers learn to use supplies from other hobbies, our organizational methods need to be changed. But there is one thing, I have not addressed. As a frugal scrapbooker, trying to save money wherever I can, using things I might already have, is the key to success for me. This holds true when I am beginning to organize. Here are some ideas I’d like to pass along.

Clear Glass Jars – There is no way, that at some point, in your shopping expeditions, that you have not purchased items that come in glass or even clear plastic jars. Mayonnaise, pickles, salad dressings, salsas, cherries, gravies and sauces, are just a few of the items that typically come in these types of jars. Do not throw them away when they are empty or have gone bad. After thoroughly washing the jars, you can use them to store small embellishments, ribbons, buttons, etc.

Plastic “Butter” containers – They come in many shapes and sizes. Usually with lids. I know you probably think they are unsightly. Who wants them in their scrapbooking area, when we are trying to beautify it and get organized? Using your leftover scrap papers, or even special papers you might have purchased just to match your scrapbooking area, you can cover them, just like you would a piece of altered art. You can decoupage the paper in place, leaving the inside uncovered or even take the time to cover that. Butter containers serve the same purpose as small baskets and can hold any number of different supplies.

Cereal Boxes and Other Boxes – Different sized boxes can be covered in patterned paper, decorated and turned into art. They can then be cut down to size, to store idea books, magazines, papers, finished or in progress layouts, even over sized stickers sheets and other items.

While there are dozens of items that we toss everyday, that can be used, I don’t have enough room to list them all. I recommend paying careful attention, to the things you throw out each week, and see if there isn’t a greater purpose for them.

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