Reuse from A to Z! (K-L)

Recently, I was going through my kitchen, finding all of the tools that we seldom use, such as spatulas. I was going to toss them out or donate them to the thrift store, until I realized that I could in fact reuse them.
Here are some more reuse ideas in the alphabet.


Kitchen tools: Safe kitchen tools, such as rubber spatulas and wooden spoons can be given to the kids for playtime. They can use them to pretend to cook or in the sandbox. Measuring cups as also great for the sandbox, as well as the bath tub.


Laundry baskets: Laundry baskets are infinitely useful for storage and toting around items. If you have a few extra, put them to good use. The baskets can be used for recycling items and curbside pick up. Line a laundry basket with a blanket and use it as a pet bed. Add one to the truck of your car. it can act as a catch all for miscellaneous stuff or to keep your grocery bags from sliding all around the back. Use a laundry basket to do a quick pick up of a room; throw items that need to go in other rooms into the basket and then cart them to their rightful places. Use a laundry basket to store CDs, DVDs and children’s videos. Use the laundry baskets to corral kids toys in a closet.

Lunch boxes: Another great item for storage. You can find metal lunch boxes by the hundreds at a thrift store. Use a lunch box to store first aid supplies in the car. Use one to store pens and pencils, crayons, stickers, bead or other craft supplies. Keep your needles and other sewing supplies in a lunch box. Lunch boxes are just the right size to store video game cartridges.

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