Reuse Your Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are plentiful. Beyond having your own, usually your friend and family would be happy to donate them to you as well.

Schools are always on the lookout for egg cartons, because they can create great school projects with them! Caterpillars, snakes, and ornaments are just a few.

But there are several ways you can use egg cartons around your home to not only organize stuff, but to just reuse something rather than throwing it away.

I’m a firm believer in trash to treasure and an egg carton is no exception.

Try a few of these and save!

Packing Material

You can either pack small items into the egg cartons OR you can trim the egg carton into sections and use them as packing materials. Plus they are a LOT cheaper than bubble wrap!

Fire Starter

This has to be one of the most unique uses I’ve ever found. I love it and next time we go camping – we’re doing it. Fill an empty egg carton with a dozen charcoal briquettes. Squirt a small amount of lighter fluid on each briquette. Close the egg carton lid. Here is your fire starter. Next time you are camping, just place it on the campfire and light. (cardboard egg cartons are better for the environment and this particular use!)

Children’s Crafts

Just do a nice Google Search for Egg Carton Crafts and you’ll find dozens upon dozens of creative ways to use up these recyclable items!

Mini Garden

If you are trying to get some seeds started, or just would like to create a mini garden with your child, place some dirt in each compartment. Then drop a seed into the soil. Water everyday and leave in a high sunlight area. You’ll have an adorable mini garden in just a few short weeks!

Sock Organizer

Place a pair of socks rolled up in each compartment. You can remove the lid or leave it in place and close. Just stack them in your drawers.

Jewelry Storage

You can use an egg carton for a cheap way to organize jewelry. Just place a separate item in each compartment and stack them into your drawers.

What else haven’t I mentioned? Please share!

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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