Reusing Old Photo Albums

Always one for a cheap solution to a common problem, I found some ways to recycle and reuse, my old photo albums. I put them to good use, turning them into scrapbook albums, that are fun and fancy and work just as well.

The benefits of reusing a typical photo album, are excellent.

First, an old photo album, is typically described, as a three ring binder style album, that is filled with, what are referred to, as magnet pages. Those are the sticky pages in which you place photographs and then cover with the clear plastic sheet, provided within.

To use an old photo album, and turn it into a modern day scrapbook album, you first must remove all of the magnet pages inside the album. Typically, these are not acid-free, nor are they good for your photographs, causing them to deteriorate at a rapid rate and often causing the photographs to permanently adhere to the magnet pages.

After they are removed, you can begin to turn your album into a real scrapbook.

Using patterned paper, embellishments and other items, you can alter the album and make it new and fun to use. Decorate it the way you would any scrapbook page. You can cover the album, slip a page protector over it, or use a decoupage glue to adhere everything and make it last longer.

Once your album is decorated the way that you want, you can place page protectors, made for three ring binders, right inside the album.

Your new scrapbook album is complete. The only thing missing, is your layouts. You can make as many of these as you like, and what is really great about them, is that often people are getting rid of them at garage sales at hardly any cost, and they are often really cheap at discount stores. So you can create your own scrapbook album, avoiding purchasing expensive scrapbook albums, that sell for $25-$30 per album. You’ll make them at a fraction of the cost!

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