Reusing What You Have: Baby Stuff – A Personal Account

There are very few people I know who do not have a storage area somewhere in their home, that has at least one piece of unused furniture. Usually there is more. The reasons for storing these items are as individual as the person who stored the item.

For instance, for years I had stored my daughter’s beautiful cherry wood crib set because 1)it was an expensive purchase I just couldn’t see giving away for free and 2)there was always the “what if” factor, that I could possibly wind up with another baby.

About three years ago (my daughter was six), I made the decision that I wasn’t going to have anymore children, and it was time to part with the baby items I had in storage. Most of it was easy, clothing was donated to shelters, my church, clothing closets and friends. Toys were sold at a garage sale. Most furniture, like the baby bathtub, infant seat, carrier, bassinet and other miscellaneous items were sold or given to friends to use. So when I was all finished, I was left with the crib set. Recently I had someone looking for a crib, and willing to pay. It was pure luck, but I wound up making $50 on the crib, and I was happy. However, I couldn’t part with the changing table. Why? Because for the past three years it has been used.

Three years ago, I began using it as a bookshelf in my daughter’s room. We put her stuffed animals on the top, and her books on the bottom two shelves. It looked great in her room and everything was organized and in one place. However, as she grew, and her book interests grew, she OUT grew the changing table as a bookshelf and I had to get her a large bookshelf, which happened to be $20 at a garage sale and cherry wood too!

So I began a quest on figuring out what to do with the changing table. I decided to use it in my scrapbook area to house my countless idea books and magazines. But it could be used for any area in the house to corral books, stuffed animals, toys in plastic shoe boxes, etc. At this point, I seriously doubt if I will ever get rid of it.

I am beginning a series of articles on reusing furniture items around your home. There is no reason for those pieces to be sitting in storage collecting dust, unless you honestly have no room for them. Check out the frugal living blog to read my upcoming articles and allow me to help you find new uses for your stored furniture items.

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