Reusing What You Have – Dresser Drawers

My friends and family always laugh when they see the strange uses I come up with for my many different odds and ends pieces of furniture. I have been reusing furniture in new and innovative ways since I first moved out of my mother’s house at eighteen. So what could I possibly find to do with a dresser drawer? Oh, you just wait and see!

First, it seems as if everyone has an old dresser sitting in storage or in the basement collecting dust. And I intend to give you some great ideas to reuse your dresser for many different purposes, but that is another article. Right now, we are focusing on the actual drawers.

Dresser drawers can be used in almost every room of the house and you do not have to leave them the way they are. You can paint them, stain them or creatively alter them in any way you wish to make the coordinate or blend into the room you intend to use them.

My very favorite use for dresser drawers is as under bed storage. If your bed is elevated, most drawers will fit nicely right underneath the bed, and can be pulled out by the handle for easy storage. Because they do not always work with every bed, if the dresser drawer is part of a dresser unit you will never use again, you might need to cut or sand the drawer down to a size that will allow it to slip under the bed. Fill it with towels, blankets, out of season clothing, craft supplies, underwear and socks or whatever else you might need to find storage for.

Another favorite use is to turn the dresser drawer into a doll bed for a child. You can paint the dresser drawer any color, and place a blanket right inside. The drawer is usually big enough to hold two dolls sleeping together, and then can be stored on a closet floor, the foot of the bed, or even under the bed.

And my third but also another favorite idea, is to paint and decorate the dresser drawer as a place to put a few flower pots, almost like a window flower box. Just place a few planted flowers in the box to keep them all corralled together. Leave the flowers in their pots, but use the box to display them in a pretty way.

If you know of any other creative uses for dresser drawers, please do not hesitate to share them with us!

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