Review: Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions

I must admit that I probably have more than my fair share of scrapbooking idea books and magazines. While I find some sort of inspiration from almost every scrapbooking magazine and idea book, I have just come across a fabulous resource that I think should be a part of every scrapbooker’s library. It is a special issue put out by Simple Scrapbooks titled: Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions.

This is comprised of 25 quizzes, each with 10 questions, that you can use to inspire more creative journaling and insight onto your scrapbook pages.

The book (looks more like a magazine) is divided into 5 different sections of quizzes, each with questions geared at a different group of people in your life. The final (6th) section contains tips on using fonts and a list of all of the quiz questions that were used in the book.

The first section of quizzes helps you share information about yourself. Honestly, when I tried to answer these questions about myself, it really made me explore things about myself that I’d never thought about. My favorite quiz in this section it titled “Slice of Life” and it gives you questions to answer about yourself right now such as what you are wearing and the last restaurant you ate at. I think this will give others a real look into what your everyday life is like.

The next section contains quizzes that you could use to interview your friends and family. Some of the quizzes in this section are: He Said/She Said and Family either/or. Both of these involve asking people the same questions and then you can compare and contrast their answers. This would add such fun journaling to a page with a favorite picture of the two people you interviewed.

The third section is titled “Fun and Funky” and contains quizzes that involve word association, best and worst things about you, top 4 things in 10 categories, and fill in the blank questions. This gives a fun twist to exploring information that can be learned from the quizzes.

The next section of quizzes contains questions that you would ask your kids. I think that these quizzes could produce some really funny results.

The final section of quizzes could contain questions that will prompt some very important information that future generations will want to know. These are questions that you could answer about yourself or interview others. The information learned in this section is about where you grew up, your school years, your teenage years and reflection questions.

I’m sure that if you wanted to spend the time, you could come up with some great quizzes on your own. But why not save the time and pick up this magazine at your local craft store. I even used a coupon on mine, so it just over $4.00. I consider it money very well spent.