Review: Tonic Studios 12-inch Paper Trimmer

Searching for the perfect scrapbooking paper trimmer can be a very difficult task. Many do not give a straight cut every time, some are too bulky and others do not even cut through paper every time. The Tonic Studios 12-inch Guillotine paper trimmer did wonders in dissolving all of my past issues with paper trimmers. After a lot of use, I would like to share the pros and cons of this trimmer.


This trimmer can slice off the smallest sliver from the edge of your paper.

The cutting blade cut perfectly straight lines every time.

This trimmer will cut through several pieces of paper at one time.

The guillotine blade can look intimidating, but it isn’t sharp to the touch. It is actually flat along the bottom of the blade.

According to Tonic Studios, the blade is made so that it will never need sharpening.

This easily cuts through chipboard.

The padded handle makes cutting very comfortable.

The extension ruler and padded handle can be removed and stored under the trimmer for storage or transport to a crop.

The price is $39.00. This may seems a little high at first, but considering that you do not ever have to buy replacement blades, this is a great price for a reliable trimmer.


You cannot cut the center out of a photo mat.

You have to slice all the way through the paper. You can always stop pulling the blade down, but sometimes you cut a little too far.

Not a big deal, but you have to get used to holding down a plastic piece to hold paper in place while making each cut.

As you can see, the list of pros really outweighs the cons. I highly recommend this trimmer. You will probably want a second trimmer for really detailed cutting where you need to cut out the inside of photo mats and other such products. For a second trimmer, I highly recommend the Falcon Paper Trimmer.