Ribbon uses in Layouts

I have become a ribbon and fibers collector. It seems that there will never be enough ribbon and fiber in my collection. Stripes, polka dots, argyle, zig zags; the possibilities are endless. I’d like to share some ideas of how to incorporate ribbon in your scrapbooks.

There are many techniques to explore when using ribbon on scrapbook pages. I will share a few ideas here and I hope that they will be a catalyst for you to discover even more uses for ribbon.

1. Use ribbon to accent a photo. In this example I tied the ribbon around the photo and the mat.

2. Use ribbon to add interest to a boarder. Begin by cutting two strips of coordinating patterned paper or colored cardstock. Place the two strips of paper next two each other at a visually pleasing place on the page. Use a strip of ribbon to stretch across the width of the paper and cover the seam of the two strips of paper. Cut the ribbon slightly longer than the width of the paper and wrap the ends of the ribbon around the back of the scrapbook page. This will give a cleaner look.

3. Tie ribbon around a die cut letter or chipboard letter in a title.

4. Decorate a strip of cardstock. The following picture shows a fun way to add interest to a page. Cut a strip of cardstock. Place eyelets at even distances across the width of the paper strip. Tie ribbon through the eyelets. The ribbons can tie through either one hole, or connect two of the eyelet holes.

5. Use ribbon to tie a charm or other accent to the page.

6. Make an interesting page accent. Cut pieces of ribbon into two to three inch pieces. Fold ribbon into a “V.” Attach the ribbon to the page using a brad, eyelet, or staple.

7. Punch two holes and attach eyelets. Thread ribbon through the eyelets and knot on the front of the layout.

8. Use ribbon or fibers to anchor a title block to your page.

These ideas should be a great start to using ribbon in your scrapbook. Hope this sparks some creativity!